Geographical and Fingerprinting Data for Positioning and Navigation Systems. Challenges, Experiences and Technology

This book explores the state-of-the-art software tools and innovative strategies to provide better understanding of positioning and navigation in indoor environments using fingerprinting techniques. The book provides the different problems and challenges of indoor positioning and navigation services and shows how fingerprinting can be used to address such necessities. This advanced publication provides the useful references educational institutions, industry, academic researchers, professionals, developers and practitioners need to apply, evaluate and reproduce this book’s contributions.

Editors: Jordi Conesa, Antoni Pérez-Navarro, Joaquin Torres-Sospedra, Raul Montoliu. 1st Edition, 2018. ISBN: 9780128131893.

More information of this book can be found here and here.

Introducción a la informática: Codificación de la información

This book covers the materials of the online course with the same name. The objective of the book is to explain how today's computers encode information. Among other issues, it will cover how integers (positive and negative) real numbers and alphanumeric characters are encoded. For this, different numbering systems such as decimal, binary and hexadecimal systems are explained.

The book is in Spanish.

The book is accesible in pdf.

Introducción a la Arquitectura de Computadores con QtARMSim y Arduino

Este libro proporciona un conjunto de prácticas guíadas con que tiene por objeto introducir al estudiante en la materia de la arquitectura de computadores. En la primera parte, capítulos 1 al 6, se utiliza el simulador QtARMSim y en la segunda, capítulos 7 al 9, una tarjeta Arduino Due.

The book is in Spanish.

The book is accesible in this webpage.